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Does your property qualify for Government solar incentives?

  • Most UK homeowners can take advantage of this scheme!
  • No upfront cost
  • Generate a tax free income, guaranteed for 20 years
  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 80%
  • Claim up to £15,000 in solar funding

Can Free Green Energy help
you make the right decision?

Free Green Energy will provide you with free, no obligation solar advice to help you take advantage of Government tax free incentives so you can start earning and saving!

As we have had over 30,000 applicants we feel we have the knowledge and experience to find you the right solar funding option - the clever way of using government backed income and energy savings to cover the cost of your solar system install!

Does your property qualify?

You must be the homeowner?


Do you work more than 16 hours per week or have a retirement pension?


The property roof must be unshaded? Trees should be at least 5 meters away from your property.


How it works in three simple steps


Do you qualify for the incentive? Submit your details using the form at the top of the page.


We will call you back. One of our specialists will discuss your eligibility for the scheme and arrange for a solar energy assessor to carry out a FREE no-obligation survey.


Once our surveyor has determined if your property is suitable and your application has been successful, we will install YOUR NEW solar panels.

Why Solar Energy?

UK energy costs are continually rising whilst fossil fuels are quickly running out. Solar panels are an effective way to produce energy throughout the whole year, reduce your utility bill by up to 80% and reduce your carbon footprint.

The cost of solar panels is now more affordable due to the Government backed feed-in-tariffs. Fitting solar panels on your property is now simple and hassle free. Solar panels can now usually be fitted in a single day making them a viable renewable energy option for many homeowners.

So, not only will you get paid for the energy your solar panels produce, you’ll get the benefit of free electricity for life. You will also gain income from the feed-in-tariff for all the electricity the solar panels will generate, whilst gaining a further income for the energy you don’t use which is exported back to the national grid.

Given all this, can you afford not to go solar?


The Big Solar Panel

There are a number of misconceptions about solar energy but most commonly, solar panels need sunlight to generate power, THIS IS NOT TRUE!

Solar PV panels only require UV light to work to capacity, that’s daylight not sunshine. Furthermore, our premium quality solar panels come with a 25 year warranty and are almost maintenance free.

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